Röster om 'Life Science'

"We are getting 10 dreamy folk, pop and rock songs that were composed by lead vocalist Olov Lundberg. Each one of them could have a bright future as a hit single that has been derived from this excellent 1st album."

Rootstime (BE)

"Here's a great new Swedish band with a style that fits somewhere between classic rock, americana, a little bit of country and a touch of progressive folk, resulting in quite some diversity and a handful of very strong songs…. there is no single weak moment to be found on their debut album…. The band has an incredible lead singer called Olov Lundberg, who has the kind of voice that would make anyone jealous… This band has got a lot of potential to become much bigger in the future!"

Strutter Magazine (NL)

"Swedish retro rockers Mönster takes their cues from 70s psychedelia, indie and art rock…Difficult to pin down, but full of energy"

Rock 'n' reel magazine (UK)

"Life Science är en sådan där platta där inte en dålig låt förekommer, de är bara mer eller mindre underbara allihop…. Svinbra platta, helt enkelt"

Zero Magazine (SWE)

"Mönsters debutalbum 'Life Science innehåller 10 låtar. Resultatet är lysande… Bandet spelar americana och folkrock på en mycket hög nivå. Det visar debutalbumet."

Dala-Demokraten (SWE)

" Olov sings with authority like Jim Morrison, John Lennon & Ian Gillan… Mönster's 'Life Science' is a faithfully based exuberant showcase that's entertaining, as much as interesting."

Americana highways (US)

I'm looking forward to the next album from Uppsala!... a true gem"

Blueprint Fanzine (ITA)

Mönster's 'Life Science' is a pretty interesting release, also in some aspects unusual, judging by nowadays relation under the Americana/roots music tendencies. In fact, a group that has offered original blend of few genres forms as a rock/Americana, but with added elements made of 70's British progressive folk tendencies, and no less noticeable post 70's glam/hard rock views. You will admit that such an approach seems unusual, but the author's originality is noticeable and clear."

Time Machine Music (SLO)